Levi's Fits Explained

It’s fair to say that Levi’s are the greatest of all time when it comes to denim. They have been pioneers of innovation, quality and fit for years. Established in 1853, the brand has well and truly stood the test of time, showing their ability to offer timeless and well made fits.

It comes as no surprise that a pair of Levi’s can last a lifetime, given the brand was born from the desire to make good quality, strong pants for working men. Back in the 1850s, Bavarian Levi Strauss was working with his brothers in their dry goods wholesale business in New York. He later emigrated to San Francisco during the Gold Rush and saw a demand for bringing long lasting, durable pants to the miners. 

Carrying a legacy of longevity, their ability to maintain a timeless appeal comes down to their diversified product line throughout history. This explains why Levi’s have so many different fits. From their classic 501 fit, to their more formal 559s, Levi’s cater to all styles. 


But How Do All These Different Models Fit?

We understand it can be quite overwhelming when shopping for Levi’s. So we’re here to explain some of our favourite fits, to assist you in finding your perfect pair of vintage Levi's.

Levi’s 501

Their original fit and one of Levi’s most iconic styles. 501s feature a straight leg cut, with no-stretch material. 
Medium rise / Button fly. 

 vintage 501 levis 


Levi’s 550

A relaxed silhouette with a wider fit to the thigh area, straight leg cut and a slightly tapered ankle. Comfortable style. Similar to 560s but with a more straight leg.
Medium rise / Zip fly.

vintage 550 levis


Levi’s 505

A relaxed, casual fit. The 505 fit falls somewhere between 501s and 550s, with a slightly wide straight leg. They have a roomy fit to the thighs, cutting straight down to the ankles. 
Medium rise / Zip fly. 

vintage 505 levis


Levi’s 560

A loose-fitting jean designed with comfort in mind. This model sits at the waist, with a loose fit on the thigh, wider knees and a slightly tapered leg from the knee. This non-stretch denim pair offers a slightly different structure to the 550s. 
Mid rise / Zip fly.

vintage 560 levis


Levi’s 517

Levi’s 517 were originally made in 1969 to fit over boots, intended to be a ‘cowboy jean’. They are designed to sit at the waist, with a slim thigh - and you guessed it, a boot-cut silhouette. 
Mid rise / Zip fly.   

vintage 517 levis


Levi’s 615

A regular fit, straight leg cut that sits at the hips. They have an anti-fit ‘seat’, which means they don’t follow the shape of your body. A very casual silhouette.
Mid rise / Zip fly. 

615 vintage levis 

So hopefully we have managed to provide insight on how some of the different models of Levi's fit. With such a great variety to choose from, there is a pair of Levi's for everyone. 
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August 03, 2023 — Liv Maloney